Steps For Solar Lead Generation

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Solar lead generation is becoming quite competitive. If you are in the solar business then you need to keep up with the trends in solar leads generation which are changing all the time. Some methods will stay strong throughout time and some are quick boosts to your business. Depending on the areas you are able to cover will depend on the extent of solar lead generation opportunities are open to you as well as the length of time they will be able to go on.

Below are some solar lead generation techniques which are sure to work for your solar business to generate high quality solar leads.


Telemarketing is one of the best tools for solar lead generation. It is a strong and effective tool for any solar business. It creates a daily marketing strategy which is sure to produce solar leads and/or appointments that are high in quality and sure to increase profits. Although it can be somewhat expensive if you shop around you should be able to find competitive rates and if you’re ordering in bulk then you should be able to receive discounted rates. The telemarketing process can be customised to your companies needs so that you are receiving the best qualified solar leads or appointments for your products and/or services. Telemarketing can be combined with all other forms of marketing and can even maximise your other marketing strategies, for example you can have the telemarketing agents give out your website in order to boost your online advertising by achieving unique clicks to you website. This may also be useful in getting in more clients as some people who take down your website may not be interested in this time but may be drawn in by your website or may remember your website should they become interested. They may also pass your website onto a friend or family member who is interested as well.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a fast and effective marketing strategy for solar lead generation. Generally how it works is you send off bulk SMS messages to people in the area you wish to target. From there you sit back and wait for replies to come in from the message and phone calls. It is also wise to include your website in this marketing message to again boost your online marketing through unique clicks to your website. Many solar companies do not know about or utilize this form of marketing which also gives you an edge on other solar companies and will allow you to reach a market that is literally untouched. Many people keep their phones off during work so this is perfect as they are sure to get your message. It is also extremely cost effective and for a customer to be the one to reply or contact you it automatically increases your chances of closing the sale.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is vital to any business operating in this day and age. With so many people actively searching online for products or services the market is huge. If you don’t have active online advertising then you are definitely behind the competition. The way online advertising works is by advertising your business online in high ranking advertising sites you are able to reach a market of people who are looking for solar products and services. Once found on the search engines you will be contacted directly by genuinely interested customers. It will also increase visits to your website which will again increase your online presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another cost effective marketing tool which will mainly boost visits to your website and your online presence as well as create more email enquiries. This form of marketing is not as effective as others but does still warrant as a good marketing strategy when used in addition to other marketing methods. Email marketing should definitely not be your only source of marketing but will still generate customers and be a cost effective marketing tool to use in solar lead generation. It will also boost your online presence which is always an added bonus.

For solar companies just starting out in the industry I would recommend you begin with SMS Marketing combined with telemarketing. From there you can add on the online advertising and email marketing as you begin to make profits to expand your solar companies reach.

To market your business effectively you should use a company who can supply all of the above services for you so that you aren’t overlapping your marketing efforts and you should also be able to receive a discount for ordering multiple services.

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